Friday, November 19, 2010

Cone of SHAME

This is me. I am not happy. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I love winter, I love snow, I love cold. All are happening here and now in London! Here is a photo of me sitting in my sandbox, now full of snow, waiting for Mocha - who sadly won't come. My momma took me for a walkies today. It did not go well. She brought along my human sister. When she does this I go into ultimate protection mode. A couple came walking close to us, I nearly pulled my momma off her feet to get in front of Addie. Then the woman wanted to pat me, not really a good idea when I am wound up.... All in all, it was a good weekend. A weekend spent mostly outside, -18 is perfect for me, and with my family. If you know of the Kuvasz, you know how important this is. Most importantly though my mommy brought me home a new Dolly Dragon - the greatest toy ever. I had one for over a year, sadly I chewed his face off the other day and tore all the stuffing out. It lasted a year, pretty good I say!

Paco and the dog

We have 2 cats. One who loves me, one who hates me. I shall talk about the one who loves me. My parents are amazed by our (weird) relationship. We get along so well. She waits for me to get up in the morning so she can race into the room and groom me. Here are some photos of us bonding, like we do most of the day. Notice the hugeness of the cat, I am a big dog don't get me wrong, but she certainly does not look tiny next to me. She is close to 20lbs, my pops thinks she has a food addiction. She eats anything and everything.

Here is a short video of the grooming process, it is not high quality because if my momma ran and got the good camera, I would get up and chase her - so please don't mind the poor quality. Normally she sits on my back and grooms, today she decided to grab my nose to hold on. I don't mind, saves me from having to clean myself! (Note, in the tv is on in the background, really quite loud - watching Parks and Recreation. Sorry)

2010 is a Bust

I haven't been around in a while. I KNOW - it has been a pretty crazy and sad 2010 so far. People have died, the new baby got pneumonia, I had a MASSIVE allergic reaction to some flowers, and then to top it off, my best friend Mocha died. She was a 4 year old German Sheppard who lived next door. She was there the first day my momma and pops brought me home, and she taught me the ropes! She was a gorgeous girl, and I miss her everyday. If my mother organized her pictures, she would post one of me and Mocha running at the fence, but she isn't so she won't. (when I find one - I will post it)

Here is a picture of me (wearing my stylish muzzle - don't
ask) with my eyes swollen. It was pretty gross. My third eyelid covered both my eyes, nearly making my momma sick. Then for the next week as they went back to normal I looked like a St. Bernard with droopy eyes. Why she must put a picture like this up, I will never know.

Monday, December 21, 2009

This is me and my girl looking at the tree that I helped decorate and protect!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

This is my special lady friend Kasey

This is me at Kasey's birthday party. I love hats.

Just lounging and playing coy...

I see something...

Those are pretty loaded questions. I will answer them as best as I can. I have been busy. Does that help? No, seriously. It was a busy summer, my dad built a patio worthy of my awesomeness, however, during the building process I was not allowed into MY backyard. Can you imagine? It was not pleasant for me. There were many menacing squirrels and chipmunks that I was not allowed to chase, for fear I may dig into the fresh sand a ruin the level surface. PFFF whatever.

The more important reason for my absence was my "lameness". I was limping quite a bit in the summer, and my mother, ever vigilant as she is, took me to the vet. Initially they thought it was something that I would grow out of with a bit of rest. So I wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING. My mom locked me behind baby gates, took me out on LEASH to pee. I wasn't getting any better so back to the vet I went. I was x-rayed and found out I have mild hip dysplasia, patella luxations, and a soft tissue injury. The good thing was that it was likely the soft tissue injury which was causing my limping and pain. I was on anti-inflammatories for an entire month, with strict no exercise. I started to get better, then I started limping again. Basically I haven't been able to do my perimter checks for an entire summer. I have no idea what is living in my backyard now. The horror. Mommy says I can soon go out and play. A few more weeks, fingers crossed.

I am now almost 18 months old, I weigh about 87lbs and I am totally cute. I mean TOTALLY CUTE. I still LOVE THE CHILDREN. When they play on the floor with their delightfully coloured toys I like to go and get my toys and bring them to the kids. We all sit on a blanket and play. Mommy smiles whenever I do this. The smallest of the children is 8months, he likes to play with my fur. Sometimes he eats it. The parents don't think that is too funny. Me, I just lie there and take the cuddles.

Last night there was quite the commotion in my 'hood. At 3am someone was banging on our front door. I saw this an opportunity to go Kuvasz on them. Unfortunately I woke the baby in my efforts to protect my flock. The baby didn't go back to bed for sometime after. The parents weren't mad at me, they knew I was doing my job. (Quite impressive really, he went into a full stance, growled, barked for a half hour straight. He was hearing sounds we couldn't!)

Anyway, that is all for me right now. Still living life behind my gated community, but if it means I can go snow shoeing soon I am all for it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I really, really, REALLY love the baby.

Ok, so the baby. So much fun. I love to watch him, make sure he is ok, and be around him all the time. I can't get enough of him. My mom bought me a new bed and what did I do - I dragged it up beside the crib so I can sleep beside the baby. Lately my mom has been putting the baby down on the ground, I do what any good dog (Kuvasz) would do, I guarded the baby. No worries, my mom was nearby the whole time!!!!

So what happens when the children leave the house. This is what happens...

I must know where they are at all times!!! Come back children, come back....

Anyway, here is a photo of me guarding my kids climber, just in case a pesky squirrel comes by.

Ok, in all seriousness - T-Bone is an amazing dog. He loves both kids, needs to know where they are at all times. As I said before, he even dragged his dog bed beside the baby's crib. It was so cute. He always checks the backyard while the kids are out, just to make sure it is safe!

Funny story though, the other morning I let him out back to play, like I do every morning. I didn't realize the side gate was open. I had to go out to the car in front to grab something and I turned around and there was T-Bone sitting beside me. My heart dropped, the last time he got out front he tore around the snow running up and down the street! I had to approach with caution so as to not excite him and make him run! He just sat there, let me grab his collar and walk him to the back.

On another note. Took him to the vet the other day for heartworm testing - he is fine, and he only weighs 83lbs. Tiny boy!!!! His mother was a huge Kuvasz, his father on the smaller side - so he is about right. Still has some growing to go!